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Annaba Property Management launched in line with ambitious plans for the development of specialized real estate services, which includes a full range of real estate services, most notably the management of the property of others according to the modern scientific principles followed in this regard "Annaba" one of the most important real estate entities that Founded by Abdul-Ella and Ibrahim Sons Abdulaziz Al-Mousa, which will follow the approach of the late Abdul Aziz Al-Mousa in the real estate, management, sale and operation of property, assets and real estate investments. He is currently an active member and active in many Arab societies and organizations The International Association of Canadian Property Management, the Board of Certified Residents, the International Association for Real Estate Appraisal and Evaluation, as well as the Real Estate Marketing Department, that the highly specialized and qualified staff Ready to provide real estate services to owners and tenants alike, in accordance with a renewed vision and a scientific strategy well thought out and far from the current jurisprudence in the real estate market, which is expected to receive the satisfaction of customers and acceptance

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Al Mousa Trading Complex

Al Mousa Trading Complex

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Zamil Holding Villas

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Al Mousa View Jeddah

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13 December

Success of the Facilities Management Sector

Success of the Facilities Management Sector is a success for the Ministry of Housing Minister

29 November

Al Mousa Complex

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable

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